Plush Blanket PREORDER

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🎄OMG Preorder the greatest gift for your frands and family!🎄
Cozy up on the 🛋 or by the 🔥 with our new ultra plush blankets!!
Featuring a double plush backing layer (we upgraded from a single layer!!) and vibrant design on front, these blankets will add style to your chill & cozy evenings!
*Please note these are NOT Sherpa or super thick. The back is a vanilla cream color-not white.
2 sizes available...please select your style and size online.
Standard size: 59” x 51”
Deluxe size: 59” x 78.5”
Standard size 💵 39
Deluxe size 💵 44
Plush Blanket PREORDER
Plush Blanket PREORDER
Plush Blanket PREORDER